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Upcoming Movies In February 2024 On OTT Platforms: Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar & Others

Get ready to be entertained with the Upcoming Movies in February 2024 on OTT Platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus Hotstar etc. The list includes from Animated movies to serious social issues. For adventure lovers also this month includes a wide range of movies and shows. In this article we are going to unfold the movies scheduled to be released in February 2024 on OTT platforms.

Here is the list of Upcoming Movies in February 2024 on OTT:

  1. Orian and The Dark (Animated) – Netflix

Orion is really scared of the dark. Orian and The Dark is an upcoming comedy adventure animated movie set to be released on February 2nd on Netflix.

Orion may seem like an ordinary kid – shy, quiet, and maybe even having a secret crush. However, beneath his normal appearance, Orion is filled with worries and fears. He’s anxious about things like bees, dogs, the ocean, cell phone waves, scary gutter clowns, and even falling off a cliff. But out of all his fears, the one that bothers him the most is the dark.

But when his biggest fear comes to visit him, it takes Orion on a fun journey around the world on a roller-coaster. The goal is to show Orion that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it is nighttime. As they spend time together, Orion needs to decide if he can overcome his fear of the unknown, stop letting fear control his life, and finally start enjoying the happiness that life has to offer.

2. The Marvels – Disney+ Hotstar

Captain Marvel is back. It is the sequel of the film Captain Marvel – 2019 and a continuation of TV Series Ms Marvel in 2022. ‘The Marvels’ is ready to stream on February 7th on Disney+ Hotstar.

Carol Danvers defeats the Supreme Intelligence, the artificial intelligence in charge of the Kree Empire. This victory triggers a civil war on Hala, the Kree home world, causing the planet to become barren due to the loss of air, water, and sunlight. Get ready for out of the world adventure and thrilling superhero action as they confront a threat that could change the entire galaxy.

3. Upgraded – Amazon Prime Video

Upgraded is an upcoming american rom-com film directed by Carlson Young. It stars Camila Mendes, Archie Renaux, Lena Olin and Marisa Tomei. The film is ready to be released on Amazon Prime Video on February 9, 2024.

Ana, an aspiring art intern, finds herself unexpectedly invited on a work trip to London by her super boss. During the plane journey, she encounters William, a charming and affluent individual. Watch the movie to know what happens next.

Watch ‘Upgraded’ Trailer here:

‘Upgraded Trailer’ – Amazon Prime Video

4. Bhakshak – Netflix

Bhakshak is an upcoming crime drama movie based on a real event, unfolding a serious issue in the society. It stars Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra and Aditya Srivastav in a pivotal role. It is scheduled to be released on February 9th on Netflix.

It revolves around the journey of a determined and strong-willed woman as she tirelessly pursues justice, showcasing her unwavering commitment to bringing a heinous crime to the forefront.

5. Suncoast – Disney+ Hotstar

‘Suncoast’ is an upcoming American movie featuring Nico Parker, Laura Linney, and Woody Harrelson in lead roles. This movie is written and directed by Laura Chinn and will be streaming on February 9th on Disney+ Hotstar.

Drawing inspiration from Chinn’s life in the early 2000s, ‘Suncoast’ tells the story of a teenager navigating life with her determined mother. When she has to bring her brother with a serious illness to a specialized facility, she forms an unexpected bond with an unconventional activist amid protests linked to one of the most significant medical cases in history.

6. Players – Netflix

‘Players’ is a romantic comedy movie ready to stream on February 14th on Netflix. It is directed by Trish Sie and the movie stars Gina Rodriguez, Damon Wayans Jr., and Tom Ellis.

In the movie, a group of friends is discussing their romantic pursuits. The main character, Mack, seeks advice on approaching a potential romantic interest named Nick Russel, a renowned war reporter. Mack’s friends strategize on how to learn more about Nick’s interests and lifestyle.

As the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that Mack is uncertain about her feelings and the direction of the relationship. The friends emphasize the importance of genuine connection over superficial tactics, highlighting the theme of finding people who truly understand and support you.

7. Mea Culpa – Netflix

Tyler Perry’s ‘Mea Culpa’ is his fifth major project with Netflix. It stars Kelly Rowland in this crime legal drama scheduled to be streamed on February 23rd on Netflix adding to Perry’s successful collaborations with Netflix.

Perry, serving as director, producer, and writer, promises a crazy sexy thriller. The cast includes Trevante Rhodes and Sean Sagar, with filming taking place in Atlanta and Chicago. The storyline, described as “Boy meets girl” with chaotic twists, follows criminal defense attorney Mea Harper (Kelly Rowland) and artist Zyair Malloy (Trevante Rhodes).

When criminal defense attorney Mea Harper tackles the murder case of artist Zyair Malloy, the truth isn’t as straightforward as it appears. As she endeavors to discern the innocence or guilt of her mysterious but charming client, it becomes apparent that everyone involved is harboring their own guilt or secrets.

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