7 Secret Beaches in India ->


Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

Minicoy, locally called Maliku, is the southernmost island in Lakshadweep, India, 


Ottinene Beach, Karnataka

Scenic beach where Byndoor river meets Arabian Sea, featuring a safe and photogenic shallow area with hills.


Karwar Beach, Karnataka

Karwar, Karnataka, named after the nearby village Kadwad, boasts stunning beauty, blending the Western Ghats.


Gopalpur Beach, Odhisa

Experience the visual treat of Gopalpur with immersive 360-degree views and upcoming virtual tours for an enhanced journey.


Kizhunna-Ezhara Beach, Kerala

Kizhunna, in Kannur district, is an unnoticed fishing hamlet with two overlooked beaches, Kizhunna and Ezhara.


Butterfly Beach, Goa

Goa's Butterfly Beach: serene, stunning views, semi-circle landscape, butterflies, dolphins—a tranquil adventure.


Sinquerim Beach, Goa

Sinquerim Beach, next to Aguada Fort, provides a historical and scenic experience, perfect for casual walks and capturing stunning sunset views—a must-visit in Goa.


Agonda Beach, South Goa

Agonda Beach: wide, quiet, and picturesque. Perfect for a romantic Goa experience with caution in the surf.