Best Movies of Tripti Dimri

Early Career and Debut

Born on February 23, 1994, Tripti Dimri debuted in Bollywood with 'Poster Boys' (2017). Her early work quickly gained attention in the industry.

Rise to Fame

Noticed by director Imtiaz Ali, Tripti landed the lead role in 'Laila Majnu' (2018), marking a significant step in her career.

Breakthrough Performance

Tripti's role in 'Bulbul' (2020) brought critical acclaim, highlighting her acting range and talent.


Originally from Uttarakhand, Tripti was educated at Delhi Public School and Sri Aurobindo College. She pursued acting at FTII, Pune, with her family's support.


Laila Majnu

Tripti Dimri's portrayal of ‘Laila’ in 'Laila Majnu' captures the essence of the classic love tragedy with emotional depth and societal challenges.



In 'Bulbbul,' Tripti plays a young bride navigating complex family dynamics and personal evolution in a zamindar household.



'Qala' features Tripti as a 1930s famous singer haunted by her past, blending fame, mystery, and psychological intrigue.



As Zoya Riaz in 'Animal,' Tripti showcases her acting range opposite Ranbir Kapoor, adding depth to the film's complex narrative.