Caring for plants during winter requires attention to factors such as temperature, light, water, etc.

Know the specific needs of each plant. Here are some general tips on how to care for plants in winter

1. Watering

Be mindful not to overwater, as cold, wet roots are susceptible to damage

2. Mulching

Apply a layer of mulch. It helps to retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature

3. Adequate Light

Place them where they get ample natural light or add some grow light 

4. Pruning

Prune dead or damaged branches to promote healthy growth. However, avoid heavy pruning

5. Protect From Cold

For sensitive and potted plants, bring them indoors to protect from cold winds

6. Indoor Humidity

Monitor humidity around indoor plants. Mist them or place a tray of water near the plants

7. Inspect Regularly

Regularly check plants for signs of stress, disease, or pest infestations.

Understanding the specific needs of your plants and proactive measures, can help them thrive in winter