Film About Witchcraft, Do Not Watch Alone


The Unholy

Hearing-impaired Alice gains abilities after visions of the Virgin Mary. Journalist's investigation uncovers a conspiracy behind her newfound powers.


The Witch

Banished Puritan family establishes farm near a remote New England forest, facing sinister forces that haunt them in the 17th century.


The Wretched

Teenager Ben, amid his parents' divorce, befriends neighbor Dillon. As suspicions rise, he believes Dillon's mother is an evil witch.



Annie's family, grieving her mother's death, faces strange occurrences unveiling horrifying truths about their ancestry.


The Ritual

Swedish wilderness trip turns ominous for four friends trying to mend relationships. In the forest, they discover they're not alone.


Don't Knock Twice

Ex-addict Jess reconciles with daughter Chloe, haunted by a malevolent witch's spirit, fearing for their lives.


Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary, in a new apartment with husband Guy, encounters eerie events. Pregnancy reveals her fears are about to come true.


The Last Witch Hunter

Immortal witch hunter Kaulder faces the Witch Queen once again after centuries of hunting down her minions solo.