Korea and Ayodhya Connection With Suriratna

Suriratna, a princess from Ayodhya, India, is believed to have journeyed to the Gaya Kingdom in Korea.

She arrived in the Gaya Kingdom (present-day Gimhae) and caught the attention of King Suro.

Suriratna married King Suro, becoming Queen Heo Hwang-ok, and they had ten children.

Queen Heo is credited with introducing advanced cultural and technological aspects, contributing to the development of Gaya.

The legend highlights a historical connection between Ayodhya and Korea through Queen Heo's origins.

The Gimhae Kim Clan claims to be the descendants of King Suro and Queen Heo, preserving their cultural heritage.

The story is a mix of historical and mythical elements, with limited concrete evidence.

The legend plays a significant role in South Korea's cultural identity, celebrated through various ceremonies.

The marriage of Suriratna (Queen Heo) and King Suro symbolizes the enduring historical and cultural ties between Ayodhya and Korea.