In today's world people tend to do so many things willingly or unwillingly just because of peer pressure

They fear that if they don't do or behave in a certain way they would not fit in the modern social norms

This peer pressure or societal acceptance pressure is making people do things that they regret later on

In today's world, It's high time to Normalize at least these 7 things -


 It's okay if you don't go to clubs in weekends, that doesn't mean you are not social


It's okay if you don't drink. That means you are responsible and that's cool.


 It's okay to be at home being cozy and watch movies during holidays


It's okay if you don't party. That doesn't make you a boring person


It's okay if you feel happy being alone. That means you enjoy your company 


Its okay if you don't travel or go to some exotic places to enjoy holidays


Just being with your family, friends or people that love you is the real Celebration.