Vitamin C rich fruits

Vitamin C is very essential micronutrient for many health related issues. It works wonders for our skin, hair, teeth etc. if consumed daily

Human body is not designed to store vitamin c, hence it`s crucial to consume vitamin c on a daily basis.

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Crucial for daily consumption, vitamin C boosts immunity, aids collagen formation, and prevents diseases.

Here are some foods rich in vitamin C

Rich in Vitamin C, promote immune health and provide a tangy burst of antioxidant benefits in a single bite.


Squeeze some lemon juice into your food or have it as a lemonade to add daily vitamin c dose.


It contains significant amount of vitamin c, also known to have anti-inflammatory properties.



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Eat them raw as  a salad or roast it but do include them to make your meal colorful with the benefit of vitamin C

Bell Peppers

Just grab some grapes in between meals to get a boost of vitamin c and get rid of lethargy.


It helps improving skin and heart health. Include it as a salad or juice before having meal.


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Rich in vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, enhances memory, and supports heart health.


Kiwifruit is also loaded with vitamin C. Eat a kiwi to boost immunity and say goodbye to your stress.


Rich in vitamin C, it has many health advantages, one of which being the ability to regulate blood pressure for heart health.