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Color Guide As Per Vastu – Know the Best Colors to use for each direction and which Colors to avoid

Color Guide as per Vastu is very important to keep the atmosphere of your home and office positive and harmonious. Colors play a pivotal role in affecting your mood and thinking patterns.  Each color carries a specific energy to its surroundings. Hence, It is mandatory to choose the colors wisely when doing the interiors of your home or office.

Colors can be chosen based on the direction and the purpose of the place. In this article we are going to discuss about the suitable colors for each direction and most importantly which color should be avoided in each direction. Let’s get started.

Color Guide as per Vastu for each direction:

East Direction:

East is where the Sun rises. It is the direction of new opportunities, new beginnings and growth etc. It is also the direction of your health and prosperity. Basically east denotes the well-being of every aspect of your life. Hence it is vital to keep this direction positive to reap its benefits.

Best Colors to use in East Direction: Green, Off-White, Light Yellow/ blue color would give positive energy to this direction.

Colors to Avoid in East Direction: Red, Grey and Metallic color should always be avoided in the east direction.

South-East (SE) Direction:

South east direction has a fire element. It signifies health wealth and passion of the resident. This direction is good for fire related or electrical equipment. It is also related with the quality of life of the person living there.

Best Colors to Use in South-East Direction: Orange, Pink, Brown, Red or Silver is considered good in this direction.

Colors to Avoid in South-East Direction: Green, Blue, Black or Metallic colors should be avoided.

South Direction:

South direction is supposed to be kept closed. It is the direction to store wealth. Closed south brings prosperity and growth in business and career. Its fiery energy brings passion and creativity into life.

Best Colors to Use in South Direction: Maroon, Cream, Pink or Yellow color is good for south direction.

Colors to Avoid in South Direction: Green, Blue, Black and Metallic colors must be avoided in this direction.

South-West (SW) Direction:

South-West direction is related with your stability and strength in life. If used correctly this direction may bring happiness, confidence and financial prosperity to the residents.

Best Colors to Use in South-West Direction: Earthy/Light Brown, Yellow, Cream, Peach, Off-white and Golden colors work wonders in this direction.

Colors to Avoid in South-West Direction: Black, Red, Blue and Green must be avoided in south-west direction.

West Direction:

West is the direction of wish fulfillment. Keeping west direction positive directly affects the happiness of family members. It is also important for people doing business, politics teaching etc. as west is full of energy. Hence it is also important to balance the excessive energy flow of west direction.

Best Colors to Use in West Direction: White, Grey, Metallic color, Golden/Silver shade would bring positive effect in this direction.

Colors to Avoid in West Direction: Green, Red, Brown, Orange and Purple color must be avoided to be used in the west direction.

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North-West (NW) Direction:

This direction is associated with your social circle, your friends and acquaintances. Keep this area well ventilated for a free flow of air. It brings harmony and peace of mind into the life of the residents.

Colors to Use in North-West Direction: Light Grey, Neutral color, Off-White, Cream colors bring positivity in this direction.

Colors to Avoid in North-West Direction: Green, Brown, Red, Purple and Orange color is to be avoided in north-west direction.

North Direction:

North is considered to be one of the most auspicious directions of all. As North is the direction where Kuber (Lord of Wealth & Prosperity) resides, It brings Good Luck and Prosperity to the residents. North direction must be kept open and clutter free to allow the air to flow freely. You should avoid keeping any heavy items/furniture in the north direction.

Colors to Use in North Direction: Light Blue /Green, White and Silver color is considered good for using in north direction.

Colors to Avoid in North Direction: Red, Orange/yellow, Pink and Purple color should be avoided in the north direction.

North-East (NE) Direction:

North-East is the most auspicious and sensitive direction. This direction is blessed with divine energy that attracts health, wealth and abundance into the life of the resident. This direction should be light and clutter free. There should not be any obstacle in this direction to ensure the flow of positive energy into the house.

Colors to Use in North-East Direction: Yellow, Off-White, White, Light Blue color is advised to use here.

Colors to Use in North-East Direction: Pink, Red, Purple and Orange colors must always be avoided in north-east direction.

Vastu is a very vast subject. It is very crucial to comply with the Vastu requirements to bring positivity, prosperity and abundance into our lives. Every direction has different energy to it and it must be in sync with the activities we do in that particular direction. Right usage of colors ensures to enhance the positive energies of that direction.

However, it is advisable to consult with a professional vastu consultant to get the right instructions as per your requirements. Apart from using this color guide as per vastu, you may also watch this video regarding “5 – Vastu Tips for Health, Wealth & Prosperity | Remove Negativity from your Home”

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