Here is the list of 7 Must Have Home Decor Items As Per Vastu

 Painting of 7 Horses


To bring Financial Stability in your Home and office Keep it in east or North direction

Wooden Wind Chimes


Use Wooden Wind Chimes in South East direction to bring wealth and abundance in life

Metal Wind Chimes

Keeping Metal Wind Chimes in North West direction will get you support from family and people around you

Keep some Green Plants in your home to encourage air flow and remove negative energy



Light a Mud Oil Lamp in the evening to bring positive energy  and calmness into your home and Life


Hang Wooden Wall Clock in the East direction Or a Metal Wall Clock in the North direction


Keep a Globe on your Work Table or hang a World Map in the East direction to bring Opportunity in your work and profession


Keep a beautiful decorative Square or Rectangle Mirror in the North direction to bring Wealth and Prosperity