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Maverick Alert! Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 3 – Prepare for the Ultimate Aerial Adventure!

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 3

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 3, the 61-year-old action star, is gearing up to step into the iconic role of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell once more in a third installment of the Top Gun franchise. The first rendezvous with Maverick dates back to 1986 in Top Gun, and his return in 2022 with Top Gun: Maverick was a soaring success, banking an impressive $1.496 billion globally.

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Is there going to be a Top Gun 3?

The latest buzz, as reported by Puck, reveals that Paramount is setting the stage for Top Gun 3, enlisting the talents of screenwriter Ehren Kruger, the wordsmith behind Top Gun: Maverick. The studio is also eyeing a reunion with director Joseph Kosinski and aims to bring back familiar faces, including Cruise himself, along with co-stars Glen Powell and Miles Teller.

While the prospect of a new Top Gun flick is exciting, it has raised a few eyebrows in Hollywood. This is because Cruise recently inked a deal with Warner Bros., a rival studio. In this non-exclusive arrangement, Cruise will develop and star in films for Warner Bros., but fear not, as he can still spread his wings and continue his Maverick journey with Paramount.

Top Gun: Maverick not only soared at the box office but also earned itself a nod for Best Picture at the Oscars. The film’s recognition prompted Steven Spielberg to express his encouragement, comparing it to other blockbusters like Avatar: The Way of Water. He also reminisced about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, noting how it should have received a similar nod years ago.

In a four-star review for The Independent, film critic Clarisse Loughrey hailed Top Gun: Maverick as a true legacy sequel. Drawing parallels to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she praised the film for its careful reconstruction of the original while reflecting changing tastes and the legendary status of Tom Cruise. Loughrey remarked that the film, unlike many nostalgic reboots, is smarter, subtler, and profoundly humanistic.

As the news about Top Gun 3 emerges, insiders report that Paramount is turning to the familiar writing prowess of Ehren Kruger to craft the script. The studio also hopes to see Joseph Kosinski back in the director’s chair, steering the franchise to new heights. However, final approvals from Cruise and the team are pending.

Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 3

Despite Cruise’s new deal with Warner Bros., Paramount seems determined to keep Maverick flying high. The studio, under the shadow of potential changes in its parent company, Paramount Global, is keen on maintaining its successful partnership with Cruise. Top Gun: Maverick’s triumph, nominated for an Oscar and grossing nearly $1.5 billion, solidifies Cruise’s position as a leading figure not just in Top Gun but also in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

In the turbulent skies of Hollywood, the Top Gun saga looks set for another thrilling adventure, and fans can eagerly anticipate the return of Maverick, the daring pilot who continues to capture hearts worldwide.

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