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Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024 in India

Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024 : Watch Story


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

If you are looking for top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024 then Gangtok could be on your list. Gangtok is called the heart of Sikkim and why not. Gangtok is such a beautiful place. Gangtok is one of the famous locations of North-East India. If you are with your loved ones and want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of life, then you should definitely consider GangTalk. This small place situated at 5410 feet will fascinate you. This can be a very good location for you for New Year’s Eve. There are many points in Gangtok from where you can see Kanchenjunga and other mountain ranges.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

Puducherry (Pondicherry), 150 Km away from Chennai, is a nice, quiet and isolated place. Puducherry is a union territory and was earlier known as the French Colony of India. Puducherry is famous for its famous Instagram picture-like beaches. On New Year’s Eve, you can see the dawn of the New Year with your favorite person on all the beaches.

There are many beaches like Paradise Beach, Serenity Beach, and Auroville Beach. The golden sand of the beaches, clear blue water, and paradise-like views will be seen which will give a mind-blowing experience. If you are fond of French food then this can be the best place in India.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

Let us now talk about Udaipur, the pride of Rajasthan. Although there are many places to visit all over Rajasthan, but Udaipur has its own thing. If you like the movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”, then it is impossible not to like Udaipur. Udaipur is full of vibe from starting your day to night. Celebrate New Year the whole day.

Udaipur is also called the “City of Lakes”. Udaipur, situated on the Aravalli mountain range, with its beauty, royal style and captivating rivers will stay in your heart for the whole life. Along with India, people from all over the world go to Udaipur to experience it. If you are from Delhi, then take out your car, load your luggage, take your loved ones along and set out on a beautiful journey with your partner.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

There would hardly be anyone who has never heard about Manali. The story of our Naina and Kabir (Film: YJHD) was also written in the same place. Manali is a very captivating place. Morning tea with a astonishing view of high snow covered mountains, its would be an amazing feeling. If you have not gone yet then you should definitely go and if you have already visited this place then what is the harm in refreshing the memories again, right!

Manali is a small and lovely place situated in Himachal Pradesh. You can experience the culture of Solang Valley, Old Manali, Manu Temple, Hidimba Temple, Atal Tunnel, Vashishtha Hot Water Spring, Old Manali Snow Point, people of Manali, road, market, cafes and much more.

Nearest airport of manali is Kullu Bhuntar Airport. So if you are visiting Manali then you can come to Kullu Airport first then take a taxi to Manali.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

Another unforgettable city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is also called the golden city of India. If you are fond of photography then Jaisalmer should definitely be on your list. The time between September to March is the best time to visit Jaisalmer.

The local traditional colorful clothes, Jaisalmer Fort Palace, many mansions enhancing their beauty for clicking photos, camel ride in Thar Desert, local song of (Kesariya Padharo Mhare Desh) sort of feel, Rajasthani dance, beautiful sunset and what not. There is so much you can experience on New Year’s Eve.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

If you like beaches and a lot of crowd, then Andaman can be a very good place for you. The clear and green-blue water in the middle there will not stop you. And why wait, beaches like Port Blair, Havelock Island, Neil Island in Andaman will definitely make you their own.

If you like seafood then Andaman’s seafood is also very good. You can also do Kayaking there. One can experience small waterfalls, caves, nature, sunrise and sunset. Andaman can be a different experience from other beaches.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

It is not possible to love nature and not have Kasol in your mind. Just this small place in Himachal Pradesh offers you a lot of big things. Kasol is not known for just one thing (as you must know). The fragrance of the valleys there will also take you away. Be it the Parvati river, or the local cafes there, Tosh village or the peak of Kheer Ganga, pitching your own tent at a wonderful place or roaming in Tulga village amidst the lush green valleys.

In Kasol, you’ll see the nature and culture of the people. There are many places to visit in Kasol. Somewhere away from the cities, at this place you will feel as if you have come to a far away place away from the world. And if you like to trek then there are many trek points in Kasol. Call your friends and plan your next trip.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

Who does not know Goa, often a group of 3 friends who have been planning the Goa trip for centuries are still planning to go to Goa because one of them always cancels his plan. So this is your chance, on New Year’s Eve you can visit many beaches of Goa with your friends/ partner. Along with water sports activities in Goa, you can enjoy the seafood, local food and of course parties there. It is not possible if you are in Goa and no having parties.

Everything looks perfect in Goa, call it sunrise or sunset, you can experience these views just sitting on the shore with your partner. Taking all in, sitting in calm hearing the waves.


Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

If you don’t like Goa. If you want to have a beach and not so many people then you can also go to Gokarna. There is also an Om Beach in Gokarna which is made of “Om” shape. If you want to start the new year by visiting the temples, then you will also find Mahabaleshwar temple where you can start your day by chanting ‘Har Har Mahadev’.

Gokarna also has some water sports along with many other locations. Along with Om Beach, you can explore Paradise Beach, Kudle Beach, Gokarna Beach, Half Moon Beach, Yana Caves, Beach Trekking, City Shopping, the famous Namaste Cafe and many more places where you can explore.

Ran of Kutch

Top 10 Place to visit on New Year Eve 2024

Have you ever seen white sand? If not then go to Rann of Kutch. At this location situated in Gujarat, you can get many experiences including music, dance, natural beauty of white Rann. Rann Utsav is also celebrated there every year during the winter season which is still going on. Where many tourists come from India and abroad. You can book place for yourself in the tent city there, which will be a different experience. In the hustle and bustle there, your time will pass by without you even realising it.

You should not miss the fun of clicking lots of pictures there with folk music. You will also get premium tents, deluxe AC tents and non-AC tents to stay. It is every traveler’s dream to visit Rann Utsav on a full moon day. In the moonlight, you can enjoy many local things while roaming in the tent city with your loved ones at this night in light of moon.

So what are you waiting for? You can travel anywhere in all the locations on New Year’s Eve. Here is the website link where you can find all the details.

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