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Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024 | Looking forward for the second one

Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024: Explore the thrilling world of crime and justice with these gripping movie plots. From an unexpected turn of events in Istanbul’s backstreets to the high-stakes investigation in the world of international intrigue, these films promise suspense, twists, and a riveting journey outside the conventional norms of law enforcement. Get ready for an immersive experience as characters navigate love, betrayal, and the pursuit of truth in genres that blend mystery, drama, and action.

Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024

Griselda •⁠ Streaming on 25th Jan on Netflix 

Escaping from Medellín to Miami accompanied by her three young sons and a kilo of cocaine, Griselda Blanco emerges as the formidable leader of a thriving drug empire. In this gripping narrative, Blanco navigates the dangerous terrain of the illicit drug trade, utilizing her cunning and ruthlessness to ascend to the pinnacle of power. As she establishes herself as a key player in the underworld, Blanco’s story unfolds against the backdrop of Miami’s criminal landscape, revealing the complex dynamics of her rise to notoriety. This tale weaves together the elements of family, crime, and power, providing a riveting account of Griselda Blanco’s journey from fugitive to the ruthless matriarch of a booming drug operation.

The Brothers Sun •⁠ Streaming on 4th Jan on Netflix 

Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024

“The Brothers Son” follows Bruce Sun’s life upheaval when his older brother, Charles, visits from Taipei, revealing their family’s criminal past. Charles, a seasoned criminal, moves the family to Los Angeles after their father’s assassination for safety. Bruce’s mother’s attempt to escape the past proves futile as they are drawn into the gangster lifestyle. The film explores family ties, crime consequences, and adapting to an unexpected life, promising a compelling narrative with twists.

Boy Swallows Universe •⁠ Streaming on 11th Jan on Netflix

Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024

“Boy Swallows Universe” is an upcoming TV series on Netflix set to release in 2024. It’s based on a book by Trent Dalton and is about a young guy named Eli Bell. Eli, who comes from a regular working-class family, has to go into the dangerous world of Brisbane’s underworld to help his mom, who is in trouble. The show is all about Eli’s journey, discovering himself and facing challenges in a tough and unconventional world. It’s expected to be an interesting and gripping story about growing up and dealing with difficult situations.

The Bequeathed •⁠ Streaming on 19th Jan on Netflix

Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024

In “The Bequeathed,” the story is about a young woman named Yoon Seo-ha, played by Kim Hyun-Joo. She finds out that her uncle has passed away, and to her surprise, he has left something important for her in his will. Her uncle, who happened to be her last living relative, has decided to pass on the family graveyard to her.

So, not only does Yoon Seo-ha have to cope with the news of her uncle’s death, but she also discovers this unexpected responsibility of taking care of the family burial grounds. The show, set to be released on December 21, 2023, promises to unravel a tale of inheritance, family ties, and perhaps the challenges that come with being the one entrusted with the family legacy.

Kubra •⁠ Streaming on 18th Jan on Netflix

Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024

Residing in the narrow alleys of Istanbul, Gökhan is in the process of rebuilding his life with the goal of marrying the love of his life. However, the tranquility of his ordinary life takes an unexpected turn when he begins receiving messages from a user named Kübra on an online friendship platform he’s a part of. The messages simply state, “You are different!” These unexpected communications disrupt Gökhan’s routine, introducing an intriguing and possibly transformative element to his life, setting the stage for a story of connection, self-discovery, and the impact of unexpected relationships.

Detective Forst •⁠ Streaming on 11th Jan on Netflix

Web Series on Netflix coming in January 2024

After a detective’s unorthodox investigative methods result in his dismissal, he joins forces with a journalist to unravel a series of brutal crimes using unconventional means. Together, this dynamic duo ventures outside the bounds of conventional law enforcement, employing their unique skills and perspectives to solve the mysterious and harrowing cases. As they navigate a world where justice is not always straightforward, their collaboration takes them on a suspenseful journey filled with twists and turns, challenging the boundaries of legality in their quest for the truth.

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